For Trustees and Advisors

We believe that charitable planning is a process that ideally involves the donor, professional advisors and our gift planning staff — all working together to arrange the best gift possible. Our development team is well-trained and skilled in the application of all vehicles of strategic philanthropy.

Please use our legacy website as you help your clients with their charitable gifts to Unbound, and contact us for more information.

If your client is interested in supporting a sponsored friend, or a specific project or program, we recommend contacting us to discuss your client’s plans before completing the gift language and to confirm Unbound can meet their wishes.

Please see our sample gift language and codicil for helpful information when drafting your clients’ documents.

Legal name: Unbound
Address: 1 Elmwood Ave., Kansas City, KS 66103
Federal Tax ID number: 43-1243999

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Michael J. Calabria, CAP®

Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy

Planned Giving Director