Have you considered the tax advantages of charitable giving from your IRA?

Learn more about how a qualified charitable distribution (QCD) can benefit you.

If you are 70 ½ or older and have an IRA, you are already qualified!

How a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) Works

You are at least 70 ½ years old with IRA funds you no longer need

Make a qualified charitable distribution (QCD) from your IRA

Your QCD goes directly to Unbound, supporting the poor and marginalized of the world

*If you are 73 years old or older, your QCD can count towards your required minimum distribution (RMD)!

Did You Know?

You can also support our mission for years to come. Simply name Unbound as a beneficiary of your IRA account, and the remaining assets (or a portion) of the account will be distributed to help partner with children and families worldwide so that they may create a path out of poverty.


Sample Beneficiary Designation

Legal name: Unbound
Address: 1 Elmwood Ave., Kansas City, KS 66103
Federal Tax ID number: 43-1243999

Discover the Benefits of a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD)

Reduce Your Taxable Income

When you take funds from your IRA, they count as taxable income. But if you transfer them directly to Unbound, you reduce your taxable income while satisfying your RMD.

Fulfill Your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD)

After you turn 73, you must distribute funds from your IRA. If you do not distribute the required minimum, you may be penalized, but a QCD allows a transfer up to $105,000 per individual or $210,000 per couple to satisfy your RMD.

Transform the World

When you make a qualified charitable distribution from your IRA to Unbound, you will help us empower individuals and their families for generations to come.

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“We were surprised by how easy it was to make charitable donations from an IRA. With a QCD, we are making tax-wise gifts to support our sponsored children and the amazing work of Unbound.”

Jim & Dianne Cannon, QCD Donors

Find Out if a Qualified Charitable Distribution is Right For You

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You’re qualified to make this type of gift!

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Take Your Next Steps

Step 1

Get started by selecting your IRA custodian and filling out your information below.
This information will be used to pre-fill your distribution form.


Once you have downloaded your form, refer to the following points, finish completing your form, and then mail it to your IRA custodian.

o  Important! Ask your financial institution to include your Unbound member ID and your name in the description.

o Consider including all your Unbound giving, such as the Birthday and
Christmas funds, Family Need and support for other programs.

o  Consider an annual donation. Receiving a single gift reduces Unbound
administrative costs.

We recommend mailing this by December 10th to ensure your tax-free contribution occurs in the current year.



Please let us know about your generous gift!
We’d like to thank you and ensure your gift goes to the program or department you desire.